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    No-Fly Zone not enforced for Planes from Benghazi to Western Mountains

    In an article (1) from Mercury News I read the following excerpt about a town in the western mountains receiving all kinds of aid through air.
    Of course I shouldn't be surprised to read that the NO-FLY ZONE doesn't hold for planes coming from Benghazi, which 'occassionally carry weapons'.
    NATO is fighting its own war and doesn't care one bit about the Security Council's Resolutions it seems, whereas people in Tripoli are facing a mounting lack of medicine (2).


    "Another lifeline is a new air link to Benghazi, the de facto capital of the rebel-held eastern part of Libya, 450 miles (740 kilometers) away. For the past month, small planes have been flying between Benghazi and the western mountains, landing at a desert airstrip outside Zintan and near another town several dozen kilometers away. Planes fly several times a week, carrying passengers, cash and—some say—occasionally weapons." (1)

    (2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhmOKe-XRC8 (near the end of the video, by Franklin Lamb)
    (3) image taken from http://www.newstatesman.com/blogs/the-staggers/2011/02/benghazi-libya-gaddafi-city


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