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    Met Poetin aan de macht in Rusland was het Libiëbeleid wel anders geweest
    Hieronder enkele citaten van een pagina van Russia Today van 14 juli 2011. Ik vond de reacties dermate interessant dat ik ze even hier overgenomen heb. De oorspronkelijke commentaren en enkele anderen zijn terug te vinden op: Russia Today
    Citizen K July 14, 2011, 19:47
    Ota Mangold In fact, what the Americans are doing in Libya is what have done in Somalia: the systematic dismantling of the national identities of African states and returning the people into warring tribes. Once this is achieved – it would be much easier to control the people. Now, it is plainly clear that Russia’s ruling political elite has decided to should to shoulder with the Western imperialists.
    I think if Putin resumes the role of the President of Russia in 2012 then this damage can be repaired. What the media suppresses- including RT- is a widespread pro Libya solidarity movement inside Russia. I found many such websites in the Internet and with my limited Russian I have been able to understand reports coming out of Libya by Russian doctors and journalists-something which RT is doing to a limited degree.

    Kihnu (unregistered) July 14, 2011, 19:11

    The US-NATO Axis began bombing Libya with much gusto and bravado three months ago.  They expected a quick short action because after all, their victims were only defenseless Arabs.  

    Well folks, the cakewalk the Axis expected didn't materialize and now they are willing to turn Libya into a blazing inferno to safe face - after all, the US-NATO Axis simply can not afford to lose this war.

    Either the Axis burns libya down or, Gaddafi will, but the UN sponsored war campaign to "save civilians lives" will do the opposite.

    Ota Mangold July 14, 2011, 18:30

    Gaddafi and all of the citizens of the Jamahariya have all right to defend themselves.It is justified in our days today that bandits are plundering police and military camps and bases and then are fighting against the being order? And Western nations are supporting them through bombardements, rockets and weapons delivering?Is that the understanding from a peaceful living together?

    In the meantime this NATO has a monopoly in making war and is a criminal association!!!In according with this "UN".

    And nobody is able to stop them ! What a crazy world.



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